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Baby Turtle
Black Capped Chickadees
Western Box Turtle


Welcome to the Poudre River Wildlife Center! We are a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to open a much needed wildlife rehabilitation facility in Northern Colorado. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the capacity or facilities to care for wild animals at this time – but we hope to within the next year. Please help us reach this goal!

About the Center

Because of the need for a wildlife rehabilitation center in Northern Colorado, a diverse group of professionals and licensed wildlife rehabilitators collaborated to form the Poudre River Wildlife Center. ThreeBabyFoxesPRWC will focus on the treatment and captive care of Colorado’s native wildlife (excluding raptors and large mammals) with the sole purpose of returning them back into the wild. The center will provide education and assistance for any resident that comes upon a wild animal in need. Our trained staff will work with local and state health agencies to help track and monitor zoonotic diseases and the general health of wildlife. PRWC will also provide volunteer and internship opportunities for those interested in learning wildlife medicine and captive care of wild animals, and for anyone wanting to help care for wild animals and give them a second chance.

Our Mission

The mission of the Poudre River Wildlife Center is to provide the Northern Colorado community with services to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured, orphaned and sick animals and promote conservation of wildlife through education, outreach, and training.

BabyCoonsOur Vision

Poudre River Wildlife Center aims to exemplify and encourage peaceful coexistence and positive relationships between humans and wildlife in Northern Colorado. We endeavor in the spirit of collaboration, education, and outreach to promote the ideals of wildlife rehabilitation and community health.